The Story

On September 30, 1967, University of Kentucky football player Nate Northington became the first black scholarship athlete to play sports in the Southeastern Conference - the college sports league that was the symbol and substance of white supremacy in the South. But as Nate entered the game against Ole Miss, his achievement was the last thing on his mind. That morning, Nate learned that his teammate, roommate, and fellow civil rights pioneer, Greg Page, had died - died in a manner so tragic, that it would hang like a dark cloud over Nate's achievement. 

Three weeks later, a despondent Nate left the team and the university. But two other black players who had been recruited to UK, Wilbur Hackett and Houston Hogg, would pick up the baton of change, facing racism on campus at Kentucky and, especially, on trips to games in the deep south. Ultimately, their courage and the bonds of team loyalty between the black and white players would insure the success of integration at UK and all across the south.